Johnny B. Dunn, Screenwriter


JB DUNN has created a richly diverse library of feature film, limited, and full series scripts mostly inspired by true events. With stories steeped in the rich history of Oklahoma’s Red Sky Country [] and narrative traditions passed down through generations of his Choctaw Nation elders, Dunn challenges the darkest and most troubling human conditions without judgment.  Dunn moves his characters forward through complex relationships, tumultuous change, dramatic and humorous journeys filled with mindful change and redemptive relief. 

Ten years in the making, JB DUNN presents 'Oklahoma Gold' to filmmakers and digital storytellers searching for scripts that connect the tattered heart and soul of a country to the fabric of its deepest and most universal truths.

JB DUNN's work consistently lays a foundation for redemptive power that will gnaw at the conscience of a divided nation through provocative, entertaining, and unforgettable storytelling.

Johnny's works include: BOOK OF THOMAS with Brett Skaggs (Contemporary Thriller Feature and Novel), RED SKY COUNTRY (Drama), BROTHERS MUSSOLINI (Dramedy), LOVE RESTORED with Georgia K Vinson (Holiday Drama), NIGHT VISIONS (Supernatural Thriller), FREE RANGE (Drama), CUTS OF FEAR (Supernatural Thriller)

Native of Oklahoma, lives in Los Angeles, CA

M.F.A. Screenwriting, Chapman University
M.A. Communication, University of Oklahoma
B.A. Theater, Oklahoma City University